Specialized services in AI products development, certification, and consulting for naval and maritime fields

AI4Seas has extensive experience in AI engineering focused on the naval and maritime fields. We are well acquainted with market solutions and state-of-the-art advancements in various applications, as we possess deep knowledge of AI fields and understand the strengths of different techniques. Here are the AI services we can offer you in the context of the naval and maritime fields:

Evaluation and certification of AI based projects for institutions and investors

We utilize statistical simulation for every variable, employ scraping techniques to automate forms, and most importantly, possess a deep understanding of models and their application to assess the quality of an AI-based system. 


We search within the startup ecosystem, as well as the market, for the best solutions that address the company's problems.

We can integrate AI applications into the company's processes and systems, enabling it to continue functioning with new functionalities.

Product management

We develop roadmaps or act as a product owner in your development teams.

IA techniques training

Customized training for each sector. Study of implementation possibilities for AI systems and long-term project monitoring for AI projects.

AI-Based Solution Development

We can execute complete projects at all stages with integration, encompassing the AI project, data engineering, and full-stack integration in web or mobile applications.