R&D AI marine and engineering services

Our recently established company, ai4seas labs, specializes in developing AI-based products for the naval, maritime, and logistics sectors. With staff boasting over 15 years of experience in these industries, and an additional four years dedicated specifically to AI project development, we position ourselves as the ideal technological partner for companies seeking to integrate these advanced technologies into their processes or develop innovative products within our domain

At the intersection of naval engineering and data science lies ai4seas labs, a pioneering firm dedicated to scientific projects in the maritime sector. We are not just any company; we are trailblazers, and these are our strengths:

Expert of Deep Learning:
We possess an in-depth understanding of advanced and specialized deep learning techniques, including the use of transformers and networks with implicit layers that integrate differential equations as hamiltonian neural networks and others.
Experts in Marine Conditions
: Our team boasts detailed knowledge of sea conditions and their influence on seakeeping and ship efficiency.
Sensing and Communications
: We have specialists in onboard sensing and communications, proficient in integrating real-time data with cloud-based systems.
Big Data & IoT Solutions
: We're equipped to craft complete big data and IoT systems, seamlessly integrated into web and mobile applications.
Diversity in Artificial Intelligence
: Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of AI, from advanced text processing (utilizing large language models) to image processing and time series.
Multisectoral Research
: Our experience extends beyond the maritime sector, encompassing renewable energies and nuclear applications.
Research Connection
s: We maintain strong ties with leading research centers like the Model Basin Reseach Group of ETSIN and the AI department of UPM, DIA.

Development of Research Projects: We excel in the formulation and development of research project reports, ensuring innovative and well-founded solutions.
At ai4seas labs, we are building the future of maritime and naval engineering. With data science as our helm and innovation as our compass, we sail towards uncharted horizons, leading the industry into previously untraveled waters.



Third prize at the 61st Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry held in Palma de Mallorca in October 2022.

The submitted work titled "Virtual Buoys, a route optimization system based on AI models of ship movement" describes the system developed in collaboration with Apoyo Logístico Integrado, a Naval Engineering Company.

The developed system is capable of inferring optimal routes for ships based on motion parameters. It uses a neural network model and an autoencoder-based system to classify navigation conditions and obtain consumption models that are optimized using a proprietary algorithm based on Dijkstra's algorithm.

The system is not only capable of optimizing routes based on ship consumption and emissions criteria but also considers other criteria such as reducing Boil Off in LNG vessels or improving passenger comfort on ferries and passenger ships. .


Third prize awarded by the technology accelerator ActúaUPM for the best business plan of 2022.

The presented business model is based on a SaaS model using a developed software that includes Virtual Buoys efficiency system.

It allows ships to save fuel, reduce emissions, and be part of a collaborative network with additional advantages. Currently, the project is participating in several funding rounds and is expected to be launched by the end of 2023.

The project is also participating in NextGEN, the optimization program of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 

Currently, the project is participating in several funding rounds and is expected to be launched by the end of 2023.


Honorable mention in the competition at the 60th Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry held in La Coruña in October 2021.

The submitted work titled "Sensorization and Data Monitoring Framework for Navigation" describes a developed system for sensorization and processing of dynamic variables of the ship, developed in collaboration with the company Apoyo Logístico Integrado.

The work has been conceived and directed by Fernando Cañavate.